How to Choose a Tablet Wall Mount?

Wall-mounted bracket with tablet can be used as information kiosk, visitor management system, self-service ordering, inquiry machine and other applications. Featuring space saving, convenience and practicality, suitable for restaurants, schools, enterprises, companies, government agencies and even families. the tablet wall mounted is becoming more and more popular and play a significant part in our daily life.


Here comes a question, how to choose the right wall mount bracket?


1.Make Sure Using Environment

Make sure using for home use or commercial use.If it is used in a commercial environment, safety should be the first priority, so the wall bracket must be anti-theft with attractive appearance.

If it is for home use, as a tool for viewing visitors at home, beauty and practicality must be the first priority , and it is personal choice with or without a lock.

Beelta Tablet wall mount with white appearance is versatile in most environments, and a lock on the back of the panel ensures the safety using in any environments.

Lockable tablet wall mount


2.Identify User Group

If the device is hung where it is used by guests or multiple different staff members, it may need to be tilted for easy access and use. If the only uesed at home and user is stationary, it is less important whether it is tilted or not.

landscape or portrait using


3.Make Sure Using Orientation

Is the wall mount fixed in landscape or portrait using, or does it need to be rotated to toggle between landscape and portrait using?

95% of Beelta customers chose to install it horizontally.

Tiltable tablet wall mount


4.Cable Management

 How the cables are managed is another factor you need to consider when mounting the tablet to the wall.Having a place in the stand for you to route the cable to the power supply through cable guides, clips is the key for continuous operation of the tablet.

  cable management


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