How MPOS Helps Merchants During the COVID-19

MPOS is also called mobile POS, tablet-based POS. A complete MPOS system including a tablet, a cash drawer, a tablet stand and a receipt printer.
After the outbreak of the COVID-19, merchants are facing huge operating pressures and are struggle to survive, many stores have had to close or reduce costs to survive, they also face to prevent and control infection risks. The effective of MPOS brings is obvious:
1. Cost Reduction
Traditional POS systems usually have high up-front costs, as well as significant annual upgrade fees. It is undoubtedly worse for small businesses in the hard time.
The cost of using MPOS will be much lower, just for a small monthly maintenance fee, also it can be used anywhere only there is a WiFi connection.

2. Express Checkout
Under COVID-19 , the shorter the stay time, the lower the risk of infection, and the mobility of MPOS equipment can be used for checkout at different locations. It is also convenient to add checkout points during peak hours, which effectively reduces the waiting time of customers and greatly reduces the risk of infection. Moreover, the mobility of MPOS is perfectly suitable for mobile merchants and small businesses that provide door-to-door services.

3. Help Customers Making Quick Decisions
Employees can quickly access to inventory, product reviews, and view product details with the tablet used in MPOS.Also MPOS creat a seamless communication for employees with their customers, helping customers quickly find the products they want.

4. Multi-payment Methods Provided
Reducing contact is to reduce the risk of infection, MPOS is convenient to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay and other mobile wallet NFC contactless payment methods anywhere, greatly reducing the infection caused by contact risk.