How to choose a cash drawer


The cash drawer is one of the main hardware accessories in the cash register system and an important part of the daily activities of many retail and catering companies. What should different companies pay attention to when choosing a cash drawer?

Heavy-duty cash box or standard cash box

Generally, the outer shell of the cash box is steel structure, and the steel structure of the cash box is divided into two categories: heavy-duty cash box and standard cash box, the main difference between the two is durability and strength.

The material used in the heavy-duty cash drawer is thickened heavy-duty steel, which can withstand more weight and more switching processes, and the cash drawer can be opened and closed more smoothly under full load. Of course, they are also more expensive. Therefore, heavy-duty drawers are suitable for the store that needs to open and close the drawer frequently, such as fast food restaurants, grocery stores or coffee shops.

The standard cash drawer is versatile and cost-effective. For shops that do not need to open and close the cash drawer frequently, the standard cash drawer is a good choice. For example: small boutiques, bazaars, or some companies with more online business and credit card transactions, then the standard cash box is enough for daily use.


Security level selection

The safety of the cash drawer is of paramount importance to retail owners. When choosing a cash drawer, security is also one of the main considerations. Stores that handle large amounts of cash every day may need to pay more attention to the security details of the cash drawer.

The security lock of the cash drawer generally has 4 levels: manual, electric open, lock open, and lock close. However, the complexity of the cash drawer key determines the security level of the cash drawer. Structurally, the three-layer cash drawer with metal shell + metal pallet + plastic cash tray has a higher security level than the two-layer cash box with metal shell + plastic tray. Some three-layer cash boxes can also store check and bill directly through the slot on the front panel without opening the drawer. The banknotes are placed in an internal secret compartment to make sure the security. The screwless bottom plate is more secure than the screw bottom plate, effectively reducing the risk of prying the cash drawer from the bottom plate.

Generally, the higher security level of the cash drawer ask for a higher rate, and the enterprise chooses the appropriate security function according to its own situation.


Space and location

Some cash drawers are placed on the counter, while others can be installed under the countertop, and it is important to measure how far the drawer extends when opened. When buying a cash drawer, consider the usage environment and choose the most suitable cash drawer.d

Size and number of trays

Cash drawers are available in sizes of 12, 13, 16, or 18 inches. Stores with sufficient space and large cash transactions can choose a cash drawer of 16 inches or more. For boutiques with more credit cards, priority is given to stylish 13 Inch cash box. You can decide which cash box to buy according to the size of the store's space and the amount of cash transactions.

In more than 300 countries around the world, the number of denominations of coins in each country is different, so when choosing a cash box, pay attention to the number of banknotes and coins in the cash box. The general choice for US dollars is 5B5C, the euro is 5B8C, and the British pound is 4B5C.

Cash box is also part of the investment. Choose a cash drawer of the highest quality that can meet all your needs and the budget allows-in the long run, it will save you more money. Beelta cash drawer could be the right choice.