6 ways to quickly increase the sale

For fashion stores, the customer's conversion rate after the try-on is generally 40%-65%, and about 1 out of every 2 customers who try it on will buy it. Therefore, encouraging customers to try on is the most importance way.

How can customers take the initiative to try the clothes on?

  1. Don't stick to the customer and obscure the purpose of sales

When customers enter the door, do not immediately introduce them, and give customers free browsing space. You can also place some advertising display screens or simply iPad stands, iPad wall mounts in the store to play new arrivals of the season to attract customers' attention. When customers look around or even actively ask, they want to find a certain favorite garment, our small goal is achieved.

When a customer came in your store, the shopping guide should observe her consumption level, body shape, age, style, and which clothes are suitable for wearing. If there is no suitable size, do not introduce them randomly, so as to avoid self-defeating.

  1. Observe carefully and accurately seize the sales opportunity

In the sales of fashion stores, it is very important to seize the opportunity to approach customers. If you approach too early, customers will be wary, and approaching too late will make customers feel "incomplete service".

As long as the customer shows curiosity and wants to know more about the details, the shopping guide should intervene and introduce the product to the customer, which will not only allow the customer to have a better understanding of the product, but also will not cause the customer Of rejection.

  1. Introduce the details and grasp the characteristics of the product

From the perspective of design, clothing is divided into external design and internal design. Since the external design has little variability, the main difference in clothing is usually reflected in the internal design.

Introduce more details of the product, such as embroidery, buttons, stitching, decorative accessories, etc., so that it is easier to impress customers.

  1. Visually check the size and provide accurate service immediately

As a professional shopping guide, the most basic requirement is to "visualize the size".

The customer’s size can be confirmed in advance before the fitting, so that you can provide the corresponding service in the first time when in demand.

  1. Disassemble clothing packaging in advance to improve service experience

Before the guests try on, help the guests to remove the hanger or loosen the shoelaces will make the customer have a good service experience and increase the enthusiasm of the customer to try on.

  1. Patiently waiting

Before the customer tries on the clothes, the shopping guide could let customer know that you are waiting for provide more services, like change sizes. Some stores also provide service buttons in the fitting room. Because in many cases, customers will choose to leave because of the trouble of trying on clothes back and forth. This kind of service not only avoids these troubles, but increase the sale amount.