How You Can Clean and Disinfect Your Tablets

Presently, the world is under the biggest threat of the century that is COVID19 (Coronavirus). It is a pandemic that suddenly came into existence in December 2019 and dreadfully affected the whole world. Under the threat of this pandemic, it is very important to be safe by following the essential guidelines such as maintaining social distancing, avoiding gatherings, wearing a mask while going outside the home, repeatedly sanitizing hands, homes, and daily usable accessories. If you follow these guidelines appropriately then you can be safe from COVID19. 

Mobile phones and tablets come into daily usable accessories. And as per the report published by the media, mobile phones and tablets can act as Trojan Horses for Coronavirus that means you can be infected by touching and operating your mobile phones and tablets if they are contaminated. So, beware about this and focus on repeatedly cleaning and disinfecting your mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPad wall mounts & stands. You can either disinfect your tablet with 70% isopropyl or sanitizing by ultraviolet devices such as phone soap. According to the studies, these both ways are the best way to nicely clean and disinfect digital devices. 

How You Can Clean and Disinfect Your Tablet as an Individual? 

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between two things that are cleaning and disinfecting. Both processes are different from each other. Cleaning is a process that removes the dirt, stains, dust, grease, and other contaminants while on the other hand, disinfecting is a process that not only removes dirt and dust but also removes and kills all the bacterias and viruses from an object and makes it a disinfected object. And that’s why both cleaning and disinfecting processes are very important under the threat of pandemic COVID19. 

Cleaning Your Tablets and iPads

Before starting to clean your tablet or iPad, remember, that digital devices are sensitive to chemicals used in cleanings. If they go inside the unit of your tablet, they can badly damage your tablet. So, take care of this thing. First, you need to switch off your tablet so that any functions on your tablet cannot be operated unintentionally. Take cleaning wipes or soft microfiber cloth slightly dampened with cleaning liquid and use it to clean your tablet appropriately. Make sure you use non-abrasive microfiber cloth otherwise your tablet screen and outer metal body can be scratched. Another thing you should determine is that you do not use those cleaning solutions that have highly concentrated alcohol. 

You can also clean your tablet by just using a single piece of microfibre cloth with a cleaning solution. You do not need other dry cleaning wipes and microfibre cloths. What you need to do is to dampen a corner or one side of the microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution and wipe on your outer surface of the tablet. After nicely wiping, use the dry portion of the cloth and smoothly wipe again on the outer surface of your tablet. Likewise, you can nicely clean your tablets or iPads. However, you should also clean the same way your iPad wall mount and tablet stand if you have one.  

Disinfecting Your Tablet 

Under the COVID19 threat, cleaning is not enough for your safety and this is why you need to nicely disinfect your tablet. After nicely cleaning your tablet, you can start disinfecting your tablet by using either Isopropyl alcohol-based disinfecting wipes, different disinfectants, or germicidal cleaner spray with a microfibre cloth. It is as simple as the cleaning process but you need to be cautious enough while disinfecting your tablet to avoid any kind of damages. Make sure one thing before disinfecting your tablet that your tablet is unplugged and switched off. There are more things you need to be cautious about them that are as follow:

  • Make sure the cleaning liquid and moisture do not get inside any open parts and ports of your tablet otherwise your tablet can be damaged.
  • Never spray directly on the outer surface of your tablet. If you directly spray then the chances of damage increase. 
  • Make sure, do not use the abrasive microfiber clothes and bleaching liquids to disinfect your tablet. It can lead to multiple damages.
  • Try to use disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting your tablet, smartphone, iPad wall mount, tablet stand, and even other daily usable accessories. This will help you to protect your skin. After nicely disinfecting your tablet, you should properly destroy the gloves. 
  • Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for using disinfecting liquids to disinfect your tablets. 

  • How You Can Clean and Disinfect Tablets Installed for Business Purpose? 

    Businesses and organizations also use tablets and iPads to improve their daily operations within their commercial places. They use iPad wall mount and different types of iPad stand to install iPads or tablets for the usage of employees, customers, visitors, and business partners. Under the threat of COVID19, cleaning, and disinfecting of this kind of installation is just as they are installed for business purposes and public use. So, if several people are interacting with iPads and tablets then they should be completely disinfected because the risk of the spread of COVID19 is higher in this type of case. 

    For cleaning and disinfecting iPads and tablets that are installed for business purposes in offices, marketplaces, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. you can use the same ways as mentioned above but in this case, you need to be extra cautious. You need to strictly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of a disinfecting solution. Make sure you wear disposable gloves and a mask when cleaning and disinfecting the installation. And try to nicely disinfect the whole area and avoid damages. Do not only disinfect the device but also nicely disinfect the whole installation. Clean and disinfect the tablet stand, iPad wall mount, and any supporting devices attached to the main device. You need to do this repeatedly on a regular basis. This will surely help to remove all the bacterias, viruses, and contaminants and this will further prevent the spread of the pandemic.