How To Make Best Use of iPad Stand In COVID Times?

Just like others, the United States is also dealing with unforeseen challenges that the pandemic situation has caused. COVID19 has taken a significant toll on the people worldwide. It has affected not only the people but also businesses, our economy, and our lifestyle. Everyone misses going out, having parties, and above all shopping at stores. Business trends have changed drastically as people have opted for ways that can assure them protection from coronavirus infection. In other words, they are finding out new gears, accessories, and useful entities that can help them maintain social distancing. They don’t want to compromise with the tasks that they used to perform in their daily lives.

When you have to avoid touching or holding things that don’t belong to you, then how would you make it possible. How would you carry out tasks that involve holding? Yes, my concern is with the gadgets that we commonly use and even share to perform our routine tasks. When a gadget like an iPad or a tablet is accessed by you and your family, then it’s okay. But what if it has public access and is not mounted on a tablet or an iPad stand? This could enhance the chances of a virus getting transferred to your gear if an infected person uses it or even holds it. It seems impossible, but it could be possible if we consider the same happening in hospitals or clinics.

What’s the solution then? Should hospitals, clinics, or private labs stop using iPad to feed their data or maintain patients' records? No, they cannot do that. The best way out is to use iPad stands. If you fix your iPad on a stand, you can prevent people from holding it every time when they have to feed something. There are so many ways through which iPad stands and iPad mounts are being used in medical facilities, hospitals, and clinics in fantastic ways. It has reduced the risk of infection manifold by minimizing the touch. 

PHARMACY: During the COVID-19 outbreak, the pharmacy insisted to open. These are offering people with medicine and counseling. Due to the increased risk of infection and the implementation of strict physical distancing, employees are not going out to work, but more people are going to the pharmacy which is 20% - 30% higher in pre-COVID situation. Visitors visiting pharmacies wish to get what they need swiftly to avoid the chances of getting infected. Self-service analysis and checkout kiosks with an iPad can solve sales problems for pharmacies. It will also take care of safety and maintain social distancing.

HOSPITAL: The reception area in any hospital can be an infection spreading spot and maintaining social distancing there is nearly impossible. The crowd at emergency wards and reception can put doctors and nurses at high risk of infection. Using countertop kiosk could be the potential solution to this problem as it allows people to fill in symptoms and make appointments with the concerned doctor. This will not only reduce the chance of infection from spreading but also improves the efficiency of consultation as there will be no contact between hospital staff and potential cases.

Using wall mount monitor to display virus-related information will be a great way to make people follow prevention measures and consider the seriousness of the current situation more.

CLINIC: Maintaining protection at private clinics seems to be easy but it’s not. This has resulted reduced working hours and limited daily consultations. There may not be enough staff to make appointments and attend patients. Therefore, iPad 10.2 mount and wall-mounted tablets could prove useful. Installing them outside each room will show the doctor's name and the progress of his consultation, which will assure everything to be in order and work effectively.

There are different types of iPad and tablet kiosks available for different purposes. These products are an ideal way to maintain social distancing without affecting medical facilities. 

  • iPad stand for POS
  • Metal durable iPad holder for business
  • Universal adjustable iPad holder
  • 360° swivel anti-theft iPad mount
  • Fully functional tablet holder with lock
  • Aluminum pole with ABS tablet enclosure
  • 360 °rotation iPad kiosk stand
  • Aluminum iPad air swivel holder
  • Anti-theft iPad floor kiosk stands
  • iPad floor stand kiosk with lock
  • Rotatable tilting iPad floor kiosk stand
  • Lockable adjustable iPad wall mount stand

    All the above-mentioned products are the ideal solutions for iPad hardware integration, especially in the COVID times. These are useful not only for hospitals or clinics but also for retail, catering, hotel, or other industries.

    If you are planning to organize any event in the COVID situation, then using an iPad/tablet kiosk is an ideal way to promote your business. You can inform your customers about your products/services as well as maintain social distancing. Being a portable entity, you can carry it anywhere and fix it as per your requirement.  As already discussed, there are multiple variants of iPad stands available in the market at variable rates. If you are a software vendor, an integrator, an exhibition renter, or an office hardware vendor, then you must contact kiosk manufacturers. They accept bulk orders and guarantee quality in their products. Choosing a manufacturer is a good way to enhance each other’s business value with great products that can serve different purposes.