All You Need To Know About Electronic Cash Drawer

The electronic cash drawer is the latest technology-based drawer or locker specifically designed to increase the security of cash at retail stores and outlets. Generally, it is a fully metal-based drawer that does not only protect your cash but also properly manage your cash flow. If you use it at your store, you would be worry-free for managing your cash. And even you can fully concentrate on dealing with customers. 

Electronic cash drawers not only made for retail stores and outlets, but you can use them at your home and office to protect and manage your cash. One of the best things is the cash drawers can be used to protect your expensive jewelry, credential documents, and other important things at your home. It is a one-stop solution for so many different things. Whether your daily cash flow happens in a very huge amount or your cash flow is quite low, in both cases, you must use an electronic cash drawer. It will help you to keep your cash safe and managed.  

The electronic cash drawer can be easily connected to a printer or POS payment transaction system. It can be set in an automatic mood for automated operations. For this, you will have to fix the setting of the both cash drawer and printer. Keep in mind, if you want a hassle-free cash management system at your retail store, outlet, home, and office then your cash drawer must be properly connected to the printer or point-of-sale payment transaction installation. 

Things to Consider Before Buying An Electronic Cash Drawer

When it comes to buying an electronic cash drawer, you must first consider a few things. It is a bit complicated to choose the most suitable electronic cash drawer for you. A few things matter here like what are your needs? Is it big enough to accommodate or manage all your cash transactions? Will it fit your space? Is it the best you should invest in? There is a list of things you should consider before buying an e-cash drawer. 

Connectivity- Electronic cash drawers can be operated in three different ways. First, they have a printer driven interface that means they connect to the printer and can be controlled through the printer's DK port. The DK port (Drawer Kick) in the printer sends a 24V signal to the cash drawer so that it can automatically open or unlock. So, check this part of the drawer. 

Second- They are operated manually with a key. Most electronic cash drawers have both DK port connectivity system and manual keys. Check the optimal functionality of keys with a cash drawer.

Third- Lastly, there is a wireless cash control system in the cash drawer that is operated through a WI-FI or Bluetooth connection. Check this connectivity and ensure the optimal wireless control system for better functionality. 

Size & Design- The electronic cash drawers are available in different sizes, designs, and styles in the market. So, to pick the right one for your store, home, or office, you need to determine what size and design of the cash drawer you need. Figure out your counter space and decide to go with a particular size and design accordingly. Make sure the cash drawer must perfectly fit your counter space, printer, and other POS system. 

Cash Flow- The next thing you should consider is your cash flow. Figure out the frequency and amount of cash flow you daily deal with. Also, note down what kinds of currency you receive at your counter? Do you receive checks and coupons? Once you determine all these things, you will be able to figure out what you actually need in an e-cash drawer. 

Long-Lasting Capacity- This is one of the most important things you must prioritize. We know that it is very difficult to have an estimate about the durability of a cash drawer by just having a look at it. Therefore, you must buy a branded metal-based high-functional cash drawer for you. And this is quite easy. You just need to look for a branded product. You know better, a branded product's durability is always very high. They last longer. 

Security- Of course, security must be at the top of your considerations as it matters more than anything. Check the high-security of a cash drawer so that you can protect your cash from being stolen. The best way to check the high-security of a cash drawer is to check its connectivity to the printer, wi-fi, and Bluetooth and ensure its high functionality. Furthermore, for more safety of your cash drawer, you should look to buy an additional high-security lock that can secure your cash drawer at the counter. Likewise, you can protect your cash from being stolen and manage your cash flow readily. 


The installation process of a cash drawer is not very complicated. You just need some measured space at your counter so that it can perfectly be installed. The first thing you need to do is connect the cash drawer to your printer that you use to print the bills and receipts. You will find a cord in your cash drawer, you will have to attach that to the DK port of your printer. Once you are done with installation and attachment of cord, head over to your PC. You need to change some specific settings of your printer. However, if you hire a professional cash drawer installer then you need not worry about this. But if you want to fix your cash drawer by yourself then you need to read the installation instruction carefully. Follow the setting process as mentioned in instructions, that's all. Your cash drawer is ready to manage your cash flow and protect it from being stolen.


If you never used an electronic cash drawer before then it is better to test its functionality first. For that, print a receipt from your printer. As soon as you will print the receipt, the cash drawer will automatically open. If it will not open then you should check the settings and installation of your cash drawer. Once determining all the things, test it again. That's all.